Growing Inspired is owned and operated by Elana Westers. I work collaboratively with homeowners, institutions and organizations who are looking to create beautiful, productive, and self-sustaining landscapes that improve the land’s overall ecological health.

More specifically I provide:

  • Construction-ready regenerative landscape design plans
  • Coaching and consultation services
  • Speaking services and workshops

Being an avid gardener, I am committed to creating opportunities and spaces where people can grow food, flowers and medicines in abundance while improving their overall mental and physical well-being.

I offer educational opportunities through workshops and speaking engagements where I emphasize the interconnectedness between the health of the soil, the nutrients in our food, and the health of your body and mind.

With over 9 years experience in ecological systems design and 10 years experience in project management, energy efficiency and renewable energy education, I have the training to take a holistic approach to design, incorporating the needs of the landscape with the heating and cooling needs of your home, where desired.

Growing Inspired was launched in 2013, initially offering gardening and cooking educational opportunities for the first 2 years, and now exclusively offers regenerative landscape design, education and consulting services.