About Growing Inspired

We offer our services to homeowners, businesses, local government, institutions and organizations who are looking to create beautiful, low-water or self-sustaining gardens and landscapes that improve overall ecological health.


  • Create construction-ready landscape design plans
  • Provide coaching, consultation services, speaking services and workshops

We are committed to creating opportunities and spaces for growing food and for improving well-being such as medicinal and sensory gardens. We are avid vegetable gardeners and love to design kitchen gardens, long-lasting raised beds and container gardens, to suit your growing needs for years to come.

We offer educational opportunities through workshops and speaking engagements where we emphasize the interconnectedness between the health of the soil, the nutrients in our food, and the health of your body and mind.


Growing Inspired was launched in 2013, initially offering gardening and cooking educational opportunities, and has grown to offer landscape design and consulting services.

Elana is a trained ecological designer with 12 years experience including product and system design, gardening and landscape design, project management, and home energy efficiency and renewable energy education. This training makes it possible to take a holistic approach to design, incorporating the needs of the landscape with the heating and cooling needs of the home, where desired.

Elana is dedicated to increasing food security and sustainability in the Okanagan and co-designed the Kelowna Food Forest.

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