Eve-Lyn and Linda – Regional District of the Central Okanagan

Thank you for all of your help at the Composter Sale. Having a passionate, knowledgable compost/gardening guru available to answer residents’ questions was an invaluable service. We are so grateful you were able to join us at the event. Undoubtedly residents benefited greatly from having the opportunity to talk to you.From all of us at the Waste Reduction Office, a sincere thank you!

Michelle (attended our Fruit Tree Pruning Workshop)

Instead of a quick email I take the old-fashioned snail-mail (looks nicer) and write a few lines. It’s a long time since I enjoyed something so much and learned so many wonderful things. In so many years living in the Okanagan I never come across something like this and was struggling year after year with my trees.Thank you very very much for organizing the wonderful Tree Fruit Pruning Workshop and Thanks to the McCoubrey Farms/ Claremont Ranch Organics Owners also! If you will do it again please let me know. I’ll love a repeat!

Comments from our cooking classes:

Great, well covered. Amazing food”. She’s great and very at ease

Cooking with wine, creams, helpful tips for making presentation better

A lot of insider tips in preparation, presentation. Simplicity, ingredient choices, and ease of prep. Absolutely loved it!

Great class! Great food! The custard was so crazy delicious!!!

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