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Build your new landscape with the help of our expertise and guidance. If you prefer to do the landscaping work yourself, then you may want to take advantage of our consulting service. We will advise on any site from an existing landscape, untouched land, or a newly developed property.

Consultation is available at a rate of $75 for 1.5 hours; travel costs may be applied for consultations outside of the Kelowna/West Kelowna area.


Regenerative Landscape Consultation

Do you wish to make your property and home function in a way that is both energy and water efficient, and makes use of the resources you have on site?

lower_garden_July_2014_2By applying Permaculture techniques and design, we can address the needs of your home and garden by working with the natural characteristics of your site, improving ecological life while making your property more self-sufficient.

What to expect from a regenerative landscape consultation:

Site Analysis – identification of your site’s structures and characteristics including:

  • Wind and sun directions
  • Water flow and opportunities for water catchment
  • Identification of existing plants on the property


Plant suggestions – to suit your needs, lifestyle and vision for your landscape

  • Can include Xeriscape (dryland) plants as well as edible or medicinal plants
  • Plants to attract beneficial insects or to aid in natural insect control
  • Plants that provide both function and beauty for three to four seasons

Low-water irrigation suggestions – identification of opportunities for mulching and water catchment


Vegetable Gardening Consultation

We want to help everyone to grow at least a bit of their own food. Our focus is on regenerating soil health, which leads to more nutrient-dense food and a healthier you!

There is a lot to know when it comes to vegetable gardening- this is why it’s a wonderful life-long hobby. But why wait a life-time when you can have excellent produce this year?

As specialists in edible gardening, we will help you get your organic garden off to the best start during a 1-2 hour consultation.

What you can expect:
  • Basic site and soil analysis, and how you can work with areas of sun, shade and wind to grow productively
  • A list of plant varieties that will suit your present or future growing conditions, ie raised beds, a small or large garden plot, or container garden area
  • Tips for improving and maximizing soil health
  • Watering & mulching recommendations
  • Recommendations of plants and techniques for natural insect control
  • Suggestions for how best to grow vegetables and fruits already on your property

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