Regenerative Landscape Design

I strive to create a welcoming and nurturing landscape that not only invites you to spend more time outside, but provides you with food, savings on utility bills, energy and more abundance with every year.

In every design I aim to create living landscapes that balance the water needs of the property, rebuild topsoil, and resist fire, flooding and drought.

By combining your vision and needs, with the land’s unique characteristics, I develop a construction-ready blueprint that can easily be interpreted by yourself or by any landscape contractor you may choose to hire.

When ready, I can assist with project management, plant and site layout.


Design brief

* Create a front yard that is both edible and pollinator-friendly
* Integrate 3 dwarf fruit trees without blocking views to the lake
* Incorporate at least one seating area with some privacy from the road
*A walkway to the front door that can be easily shoveled


So how do we start?

We start with a consultation to define your project’s goals and needs. From there we can provide an overall landscape design and a detailed planting plan. Our landscape plans are unique to your site, and plants are chosen for their suitability to the Okanagan climate, and to provide year-round interest.

4 Step Process:

1) Consultation – project goals and site assessment

At our first meeting, we will go through your landscape together, discuss your objectives, budget, and your likes and dislikes, assess the soil, take basic measurements and identify natural elements.

2) Concept Design

3) Final Landscape Plan 

After approval of the initial concept, we will produce a detailed, to-scale, landscape plan to fit your budget. This includes plant specifications, planting locations and quantities, dimensions, specific materials for permanent structures (pathways, garden beds, retaining walls, and rain-water catchment areas), features such as pergolas and seating areas, plus maintenance guidance.

Front yard Shade and Part-sun, low-water design

4) Installation

We work with qualified eco-landscapers and irrigation experts who care for our clients and the earth, to deliver you a high-quality and long-lasting landscape. Based in our knowledge of soil science, we recommend using only the best local compost and mulch materials – high in organic matter to enrich your soil, as well as locally-sourced and sustainable materials such as stone, wood and long-lasting hardware for raised beds.

In addition to edibles, our other plant recommendations include native and drought-tolerant, Xeriscape plants that can withstand the extremes of the Okanagan climate and need minimal water and maintenance.

We recommend plants and eco-lawns that can be maintained naturally with organic amendments and natural fertilizers, without any chemicals or pesticides.

Installation using ‘sheet-mulching’ with biodegradable paper vs unsustainable, weeding-intensive landscape fabric