Why Growing Inspired?

Save water with Xeriscape and Permaculture design. I design systems that can catch and store water, cut utility bills and moderate the hydration of your land.

A specialist in low-water, edible and Indigenous plants. Plants are selected to suit both your space and tastes, while feeding pollinators and providing benefits such as natural pest control, food and medicine.

I care about your values, goals and property needs. Designing your landscape is a collaborative process and I stand behind my work.


Regenerative Landscape Design

Regenerative Landscape Design

A well thought-out design plan will save you time, money and maintenance in the short and long term while providing food, beauty and more abundance every year.



If you are a home gardener needing some experienced advice to get your project off on the right foot then this service is for you.

Project Management

Project Management

From ordering plants and materials, communicating with installers, and scheduling work flow, there is much to coordinate when planning a landscape installation. I can help you with that.

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Since 2009 I’ve had the pleasure of teaching classes, leading workshops and speaking about gardening at numerous events for students and the public.

15 years experience, 100's of trees planted, 400+students.

A net-benefit landscape provides its own fertility and the highest-quality food better than money can buy.

How the Design Process Works

1. Free Phone Consultation

We talk about your vision, goals, and landscape needs. I answer your questions, and we make sure my business is a good fit for your project.

2. Site Assessment & Consultation

We discuss the project in more detail including your values and likes and dislikes. I assess the soil quality, take measurements, and survey the topography where required.

3. Concept Design

Together, we review the concept design, which includes several options for layout and plants. I then take your feedback and refine the design.

4. Final Design Plan & Followup

We review the final design plan — a scaled plan that can be easily interpreted and implemented by yourself or a contractor. We schedule a follow-up meeting to ensure that you are happy and to exchange feedback.

Featured Projects

Each project I undertake is a labour of love and unique to the land and clients I work with. I value diverse landscapes and ensure that every design contributes to both your and the planet's health.

Edible & Pollinator-friendly Front Yard
Erosion-Proof Indigenous Plant Landscape
Garden Bounty with Ornamental Beauty

"I appreciate that Elana took the time to clarify our objectives, checking back in as she drew up the plan to confirm our taste in various plants and landscape features. She took the design to a level we had not conceived of...We recommend Elana without reservation."

Elena & Jeff West Kelowna

"I really wanted to learn about Permaculture and create a plan that didn’t make for a lot more work. Elana has been amazing at working in the level of Permaculture I am comfortable taking on. She makes it feel so easy and seamless. I am so excited to slowly work away at her beautiful concept. And as I learn more about why she chose each individual plant there is just so much thought and purpose in each one!"

Krista Kelowna

“Thank you so much for your work on this project - not only have you made this process so easy, but your thoughtfulness and attention to detail has brought me such joy! I am excited for the work to begin.”

Anne-Marie Kelowna