Project goals:

  • To create raised garden beds and a level play area for the kids.
  • To plant the eroding, steep slope.
  • Use a minimalist style and 100% Indigenous plants to help blend the new home and landscape into the side of Knox Mountain.

Design Solutions:

  • A large French-drain/rock pit under the new lawn was installed to improve drainage in the heavy clay soil and prevent soil erosion down-slope. Mulch was applied to help with soil compaction.
  • The gravel drive (initially built to construct the home) was excavated to create the level play area. A cedar retaining wall with built-in benches provides private seating, set down from the road.
  • The eroding, steep slope was stabilized with deeply-rooted shrubs and trees. Bundles of branches were installed to help retain water on the slope and to keep the top layer of mulch in place.