If you are a home gardener or property owner needing some experienced advice then this service is for you.

Garden Coaching:

There are few things I like more than to help folks grow incredible, organic food. Having taught organic gardening since 2009, I can advise on plant health, low-water planting methods, natural pest management, season extension techniques, and more.

On site or Remote Land Consultation:

Combined with satellite imagery, video conferencing is a great way to connect and allows us to do a virtual walk-through of your property.

Whether your property is a balcony, an existing landscape, untouched land, or a newly developed property, I can help ease the learning curve, so that you can spend less time making mistakes and more time creating a beautiful, bountiful garden.

What to expect from a Regenerative Landscape Consultation:

  • Suggestions for how to capture and distribute rainwater.
  • Ideas on how to make your property more resilient to climate extremes, such as fire, drought or flood.
  • Suggestions of how to grow more yummy food and increase the productivity of your landscape so that the benefits produced are more than the energy required to maintain it.
  • Identification of existing plants.

Depending on the size of your property, an in-person or online consultation generally takes 1 to 1.5 hours. Contact me by phone or email and we will figure out a time that works.